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Maximise Your CPG Brand with the Best IR on the Market


Image recognition (IR) is fairly ubiquitous within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) space, with 54% of companies utilising some form of IR. However, research shows that 46% of companies have either never used IR or have stopped after trying it in the past and been left disappointed with the cost, speed and lack of scalability.

Statistic of image recognition usage by companies.

The issues with traditional IR are well documented, with many often citing a lack of accuracy, the slow speed of execution and the exuberant cost involved in setting up and maintaining the technology. However, what if we told you that IR doesn’t have to be like this? What if there were another way to enjoy all of the benefits of IR without the aforementioned pitfalls?

Throughout this article, we will introduce you to a groundbreaking new IR technology that is set to take the world by storm. So don’t let your CPG brand miss out on the most powerful and innovative image recognition solution on the market today!

A picture perfect store strategy

The ultimate dream of any CPG is to deliver the perfect store strategy. Consisting of the ‘Six P’s’ known as Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion, People and Process, the perfect store strategy relies on IR to provide CPGs with the above information and factors they need to achieve their goal.

Six P's of a Perfect Store Strategy

Unfortunately, due to poor accuracy, speed, scalability and high costs, traditional IR has been less than ideal in delivering reliable results that will allow many CPGs to realise their goal of delivering the perfect store strategy. Thankfully, however, a certain new technology on the market has proven far more accurate and effective at turning a dream into reality.

Introducing Neurolabs’ ZIA

Utilising synthetic data and an advanced AI learning model known as synthetic computer vision modelling, ZIA (Zero Image Annotations) is the next generation of IR technology. ZIA’s groundbreaking IR tech delivers superior accuracy, quality and scalability compared to traditional IR and also at a cost-effective price point that works for CPG brands of all sizes.

Compared to the outdated and inefficient traditional IR model, ZIA is a revolutionary, eye-opening approach to image recognition that just simply works.

Here are just a few of the benefits that ZIA provides:

The most accurate image recognition solution

As demonstrated in our work with tech-firm Sagra Technology, ZIA has the ability to pinpoint even the most minute details from seemingly identical products. As such, our solution is capable of producing highly reliable results with a visual detection accuracy of 95% from the outset. Depending on the type of product your brand sells, our technology can achieve over 98% product detection accuracy, and in Sagra’s case 98.3%, making it one of the most consistently accurate IR solutions available.

How Sagra achieved SKU detection accuracy in just 7 days

Seamless global scalability

ZIA is the perfect partner for any brand looking to scale up its business and add new products to its line of SKUs. To get started, all you need to do as a CPG is upload your product artwork and our synthetic computer vision model will handle the rest.

One of the biggest problems with traditional IR is that it is reactive, as it can only conduct image recognition on already launched products. However, with ZIA, our solution is entirely proactive.

ZIA doesn’t rely on real data (images) for its training data. Therefore, CPGs can upload SKUs to our system by simply submitting their in-production artwork. Due to this proactive approach, a CPG can also make tweaks to their inventory over time, making it incredibly effective at providing IR for its new products or any promotions as and when they launch.

With ZIA, CPGs no longer need to wait for the item to be on store shelves. Instead, they can add new SKUs and have them be a part of their IR solution as soon as the artwork is ready. Additionally, CPGs are even able to achieve image recognition on products before they launch.

A cost & time efficient solution

As stated previously, ZIA stands for Zero Image Annotations, and our technology definitely lives up to that name.

Our state-of-the-art, AI-based, synthetic computer vision tech means that teams no longer need to painstakingly annotate data to train their IR algorithms which, being a manual process, takes considerable time and cost. In addition, because of its reliance on synthetic data, ZIA also solves one of the biggest issues with traditional image recognition, degradation. As outlined in the second law of thermodynamics — the total entropy of a system either increases or remains constant. In terms of image recognition, this means that each time the product is placed in a new environment (e.g. a new shop or different lighting conditions) or undergoes a design change, the success rate (accuracy) of the traditional IR algorithm is essentially being degraded. Over time, this means that the IR will become less accurate, and will be less likely to detect products.

Unlike traditional IR, ZIA’s visual accuracy doesn’t degrade over time as the algorithm has already been trained to identify products within numerous environments and scenarios. As such, ZIA saves time and money while delivering a consistently high level of performance and accuracy.

A comparative analysis of Traditional Image Recognition and Synthetic Image Recognition.
A comparative analysis of Traditional Image Recognition and Synthetic Image Recognition.

Ease of integration

At Neurolabs, we are aware that many CPGs may already have heavily invested in image recognition technologies. However, with ZIA, our solution can integrate with any existing Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools. Think of it as a plug-and-play upgrade!

Expert support, every step of the way

While there's no complicated and drawn-out onboarding process with ZIA, we understand that you still might have questions about how best to use the platform.

As a result, CPGs who use our platform will get access to a knowledgeable and dedicated team who can help solve any queries you may have and get you up and running within a week.

Simplify your IR journey with Neurolabs’ ZIA

The benefits listed above are just a taste of what is possible when you switch to ZIA.

As a genuine, generational leap for image recognition, ZIA is a truly accurate, streamlined and stress-free IR solution that is far more capable than virtually any other IR solution on the market.

Thanks to our highly accurate solution, a CPG of any size can boost its sales and revenue when they use ZIA.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Why don’t you get in touch with one of our team today to see it for yourself? Request a demo of ZIA here!

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At Neurolabs, we are revolutionising in-store retail performance with our advanced image recognition technology, ZIA. Our cutting-edge technology enables retailers, field marketing agencies and CPG brands to optimise store execution, enhance the customer experience, and boost revenue as we build the most comprehensive 3D asset library for product recognition in the CPG industry.


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