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Transforming Retail Execution with ISSU & Generative AI

Step into the era of advanced retail execution and explore how In-Store Scene Understanding (ISSU) and Generative AI are reshaping retail strategies, optimising product placement, and delivering actionable insights for unparalleled in-store performance.

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Embrace the Retail Revolution
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Why this eBook?

This eBook is a must-read for those looking to elevate their retail strategy with cutting-edge technology. Using real-world examples, practical applications, and expert analysis, this eBook will equip you with the knowledge to stay ahead in this competitive market.

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Innovative Retail Strategies: Learn how ISSU and Generative AI are revolutionising retail.

Data Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights for optimised product placement, store layout.

Competitive Edge: Stay ahead with accessible and advanced AI applications.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Learn techniques for improved customer experience and satisfaction.

What's Inside?

  • In-Store Scene Understanding (ISSU): Delve into the concept of ISSU, an evolution beyond traditional planogram compliance, enabling a full view of the store environment and competitor activities.

  • Catalogue Management Reinvented: Explore how to simplify catalogue management, improving the accuracy and efficiency of your product catalogues. 

  • Generative AI Tools:
    Understand how AI tools transform retail decision-making and enhance productivity, offering instant insights into shelf compliance, product availability and more.


  • Real-World Applications:
    Discover practical examples of how ISSU and AI are applied in-store, providing actionable strategies for retail success.

The Power of In-Store Scene Understanding

ISSU presents a breakthrough in retail technology. It goes beyond conventional planogram compliance, offering a comprehensive view of the store environment. ISSU leverages advanced AI to analyse and understand the retail space, capturing data at the shelf level as well as promotional materials and competitor activities. This deeper insight enables better data-driven decisions, optimised layouts, and enhanced customer experiences.


ISSU links shelf-level product placement with in-store promotions for both your products and competitors, offering a comprehensive understanding of the entire store environment.

This eBook Is Not Just an Informational Read

It’s your roadmap to adopting and leveraging groundbreaking technologies in the retail industry.

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