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Introducing ChatCPG
Your AI-driven shelf auditing assistant

Get fast, reliable answers to all of your shelf auditing queries, without the need to predefine questions, design dashboards, or set up KPIs. With ChatCPG, you can enjoy the flexibility of obtaining insights quickly and easily as your needs change and evolve.


Unlock the power
of Synthetic Image Recognition for your clients 

At Neurolabs, we believe in leveraging the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to unlock greater opportunities, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional results for our customers. Our strong network of partners and experts in the retail industry share our passion for revolutionising retail execution through our Zero Image Annotations technology, ZIA.


Cutting-edge technology at your fingertips

We are proud to have a network of partners who share our passion for AI and revolutionising image recognition for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Together, we are committed to delivering measurable results and providing faster, more accurate, and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Our partners are an extension of our team and we value the diverse range of expertise they bring to our ecosystem. 

Who we partner with

From consulting companies, software companies, field marketing agencies, and those with expertise in the CPG and retail industries, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded partners and create a holistic, integrative, and scalable solution for our customers.

Field Marketing Agencies

Consulting Companies

Software Companies

CPG Innovation

CPG & Retail Experts

Partner benefits

Our comprehensive and intuitive shelf auditing solution, ZIA, provides the insights, functionality, and support needed to drive impactful results for CPGs and solution providers. Our partner model is designed to maximise efficiency and simplify the process.


Image recognition 
you can rely on

Take your clients' retail execution to the next level with our cutting-edge image recognition technology powered by synthetic data. Our advanced technology offers precise and reliable data and insights with effortless integration, scalability, and cost-efficiency at its core. With its unrivalled capabilities, you can rest assured that it will exceed any other solutions that have come before.

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Speed and efficiency guaranteed

Thanks to ZIA, you can onboard a CPG customer in just one day and achieve a time to market of one week for up to 1,000 SKUs. Our image recognition technology eliminates the need to manually collect images and annotate data, eliminating human error, slow onboarding and inaccurate results. In fact, with ZIA, a field representative can finish a store auditing visit 8x faster.


A better way to streamline costs

Thanks to ZIA, cost efficiency is a given. Our Image recognition harnesses the power of synthetic data instead of real data, training in a virtual setting, so there's no need for costly image collection and manual annotation. This approach yields richer and more varied training data and provides your clients with the best image recognition on the market, as well as more reliable results.


"The Neurolabs team's clear, rapid communication helped us streamline the process and test a solution at speed."


Consumer Package Goods brands lose up to $104 billion in retail sales due to poor retail execution.

Say goodbye to the negative impact of poor retail execution on your clients' sales by partnering with us and taking advantage of our state-of-the-art image recognition technology. Our technology is faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective through it use of synthetic data over real data. It also provides reliable data and insights, giving your clients access to shelf compliance, product availability, price analysis, competitor analysis and promotional display compliance, to name a few.


Revolutionise the CPG industry with our cutting-edge technology and give your clients the edge they need to stay competitive. Don't let poor retail execution hurt their bottom line – join forces with us today.

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Interested in becoming a partner?

If you share our passion for revolutionising image recognition for the CPG industry, get in touch with our dedicated partnership team today by filling out the form below.

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