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The Future of
POP Promotions

Boost the performance of your marketing materials with Synthetic Image Recognition
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Let’s Set the Scene

Imagine a world where you not only assess the performance of your POP materials but also gain a panoramic view of the in-store environment (scene) around them including what's happening at a shelf level and what your competition is doing.

This game-changing approach to POP campaign auditing and insights is reshaping the landscape entirely, empowering brands to:

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Evaluate the performance of POP materials at scale

Understand your competitive landscape & activity

Determine which promotions outperform others

Ensure POP materials are compliant across locations

Manage inventory associated with POP campaigns 

Gain insights into materials that drive sales

How it work

In-Store Scene Understanding

When auditing your POP or POS materials, it might appear satisfactory. Yet, you could be missing out on the bigger picture. Right beside your display, your competitor's setup might steal the spotlight, boasting a larger display, enticing promotions, and a larger share of shelf.

With In-Store Scene Understanding (ISSU), you get a comprehensive view of what's happening around your materials and valuable insights to take action and supercharge your performance.

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Synthetic Image Recognition

In the realm of POP campaigns, Synthetic Image Recognition (SIR) is your ultimate ally, eliminating the need for real data in favour of efficiently generated synthetic data. With SIR, the process couldn't be easier. You simply scan your products or upload the artwork file and a 3D virtual twin is created. This same streamlined process applies to your POP materials. Once the synthetic data has been generated the algorithm begins to train.

Game-Changing Possibilities

Now, prepare to be truly captivated by the possibilities. Thanks to our state-of-the-art SIR technology, which transcends traditional SKU recognition, it doesn't stop at identifying POP materials. It's equipped to seamlessly associate SKUs, pricing, and even competitor activity. With this remarkable technology at your disposal, field reps can effortlessly snap photos of in-store scenes using their existing SFA devices, and our technology works its magic to swiftly extract valuable scene insights.

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AI Powered Insights

Meet our virtual REX assistant, ChatCPG — where the magic truly unfolds. ChatCPG takes the wealth of data and insights gathered from in-store visits or fixed cameras and overlays an intelligence layer. With ChatCPG, you can ask any REX-related query, including POP, TPx, or Marketing, and receive an answer in seconds. Essentially, it does all the data crunching and analysis so you don't have to.

This means you can make strategic decisions faster and more efficient than ever before!

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Why Is This Important?


Of companies are struggling to have retailer aligned promotions executed at store level.


Of brands don't connect retail execution systems with TPx planning capabilities.


Report that data and insights are not fully leveraged within their organisation.

We Are Proudly Trusted by Global Brands to Improve Their Retail Execution

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Transform the success of your POP Campaigns. Speak to an expert!

Sources: Images by upklyak, Coca Cola visual by Albert Domínguez, Pepsi visual by Dmitry Poliansky.
Statistics: POIs 2023 State of the Industry Report

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