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Digital Eyes on Beverages: How Synthetic Computer Vision is Improving Field Insights

In the fast-paced Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, the beverages category is experiencing a digital revolution that goes beyond traditional image recognition methods. 

Synthetic Image Recognition, or SIR, is a next-generation IR technology from Neurolabs. SIR utilises proactive synthetically generated data instead of reactive real data, offering unique benefits for beverage brands. 

SIR's use of synthetic data and advanced computer vision significantly accelerates product onboarding and deployment, reducing the timeline from weeks to mere hours and offering higher accuracy levels than traditional methods. 

Moreover, SIR enhances visibility with features like In-Store Scene Understanding (ISSU), which allows for a comprehensive view of entire scenes and empowers businesses with insights into competitor strategies, including promotional materials and consumer interactions.

As we delve into our groundbreaking SIR technology, ZIA (Zero Image Annotations), discover how Synthetic Computer Vision is reshaping field insights and driving a proactive approach to retail execution in the dynamic beverages market.

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Synthetic Computer Vision: A New Future for CPG Insights

In the dynamic landscape of the beverages category, where product diversity, frequent packaging changes, and seasonal promotions abound, CPG companies face unique challenges in maintaining an accurate and timely understanding of their product and promotional material catalogues. 

Traditional image recognition methods often fail, struggling to keep pace with the industry's fast-moving nature. This leads to compromised insights and sluggish retail execution.

Enter ZIA, a revolutionary force reshaping the narrative with its synthetic data and advanced computer vision capabilities. By bypassing the limitations of manual annotations and real-world data dependencies, ZIA introduces 3D digital twins of beverage products in virtual scenarios. This approach ensures precise and rapid product detection and delivers actionable and insightful data to achieve Perfect Store, including planogram compliance, product availability, price recognition, competitor analysis, promotional display compliance and more.

Another game-changer is ZIA's utilisation of In-Store Scene Understanding (ISSU). This feature provides an all-encompassing view of in-store dynamics, offering vital insights into your brand's catalogue and those of your competitors, including new market entrants.

The result is a transformative solution that empowers CPGs to make informed decisions in real time, harmonising decision-making processes and providing a competitive edge in the ever-evolving beverages marketplace. 

By swiftly adapting to changes, optimising product visibility, and understanding shelf-level insights and competitor strategies, ZIA becomes a catalyst for actionable insights, setting the stage for strategic and successful moves in the highly competitive industry.

Supercharge your retail execution with ZIA

ZIA's Proactive Stance: A Game-Changer for Beverage Retail Execution

ZIA is not just another image recognition solution; it's a proactive force in the beverages  category. Unlike reactive traditional methods, ZIA combines synthetic data and computer vision to gather key in-store, shelf level and competitor insights intelligently.

Here's how ZIA changes the game for your retail execution:

  • Easily Create Digital Twins: ZIA's Synthetic Image Recognition automatically creates digital twins based on artwork, extending beyond object recognition and offering versatile replicas for virtual environments and e-commerce platforms.

  • Quick and Accurate Product Onboarding: Our ZIA Capture app for onboarding products reduces onboarding time to less than 30 seconds per SKU, allowing for swift updates to the catalogue, achieving +96% accuracy from day one.

  • Enhancing Visibility with ISSU: ZIA's In-Store Scene Understanding goes beyond shelf-level insights, providing a holistic view of the entire scene in-store, including competitor strategies and consumer interactions.

  • Simple Integrations, Big Impacts: ZIA seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, including Sales Force Automation solutions, ensuring compatibility across diverse regions and staying adaptable to industry needs.

In summary, ZIA isn't just a solution; it's a catalyst for transformative impacts, equipping drink brands with the tools needed to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market.

Rapid Precision: Streamlining Product Onboarding with ZIA Capture

Our dedicated app, ZIA Capture, redefines the conventional product onboarding and deployment timeline. This user-friendly app places control directly in your hands, empowering field representatives and partners alike to effortlessly update the catalogue, reducing reliance on third parties and elevating overall accuracy.

ZIA's prowess shines in its ability to transform the onboarding process, cutting down the time required to less than 30 seconds per SKU. For a product catalogue spanning 50-100 SKUs, ZIA achieves the remarkable feat of onboarding the entire catalogue in less than two hours. The model is ready for deployment within a day, boasting an impressive +96% accuracy from the outset.

The sustained accuracy improvement over time is fueled by an extensive dataset, encompassing over 2 billion product images and 72 million shelf images that train and refine our algorithm. This heightened capability keeps your catalogue consistently up-to-date and opens avenues for richer insights, saving valuable time and effort. 

ZIA's agility further facilitates seamless product deployment at scale across multiple markets, adding a new dimension to efficiency and precision in the beverages industry.

Empowering Beverage Brands to Lead the Market with ZIA

ZIA equips drink brands with the tools to maximise sales potential, optimise marketing campaigns, and understand competitors' strategies. It's not just a solution; it's a catalyst for innovation and success in the evolving world of Beverage Category Management.

Incorporating ZIA into your beverage strategy goes beyond mere shelf data collection— it becomes the key to unlocking a competitive advantage and maximising sales potential. Through In-Store Scene Understanding (ISSU), ZIA provides an in-depth analysis of your catalogue, ensuring shelf compliance, product availability, and optimal promotional materials, and offers a unique vantage point into your competitors' tactics.

This holistic approach empowers your brand to enhance its own strategy and gain valuable insights into the market dynamics. By understanding your competitors' product strategy and execution, ZIA enables the creation of a proactive strategy, positioning your brand ahead of the competition and aligning with consumer preferences. 

Embrace ZIA for enhanced shelf visibility and as a strategic ally, ensuring your drink brand stays ahead in a market driven by consumer choices.

Embrace the Future: Elevate Your Beverage Strategy with ZIA

Unlock unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and ease with the most powerful image recognition technology on the market, ZIA. Request a demo today to dive into the transformative power of Synthetic Computer Vision. 

Stay ahead in the beverages category with a solution designed to reshape the future of field insights and retail execution.

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At Neurolabs, we are revolutionising in-store retail performance with our advanced image recognition technology, ZIA. Our cutting-edge technology enables retailers, field marketing agencies and CPG brands to optimise store execution, enhance the customer experience, and boost revenue as we build the most comprehensive 3D asset library for product recognition in the CPG industry.


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