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Computer Vision Technology for your Visual Automation use cases

Take advantage of your Images and Videos in real time or offline.

Quality Control

Image Classification


Image classification involves assigning a label to an entire image. It is best suited for situations when there is only one object of interest that dictates the overall understanding of the image.


Some examples of image classification include: monitoring assets for defects/no-defects, ensuring adherence to safety protocols, classifying products in retail, visually searching databases to identify similar objects, etc.

Image classification 1.png

Safety equipment on

Image Classification

Inventory management

Object Detection


If you aim to identify the location and category of multiple objects in an image, use the Object Detection project template. This is a more challenging task than simple image classification, as there are often multiple objects of different types in the image.

Some examples of object detection include: product recognition for inventory management in retail, food recognition for automatic checkout in foodservice, vehicle and person detection for security, monitoring of assets in warehouses, etc.

Object Detectio

Object Tracking


Track particular objects across the entire video. If your situation requires tracking particular objects across a series of images or video frames, use the Object Tracking project template.

Some examples of object tracking include: tracking parcels in a warehouse, monitoring traffic for safety reasons, observing activity in parking lots, etc.

Quality Control

Obj Tracking

Quality Control

Object Counting


Counting the number of instances of an object is, in a way, still an application of object detection. It is useful when you need to keep track of the number of objects in an image or video. Using the Neurolabs Platform, it is simply a matter of ticking a box in the post-processing section of the model training step.

Object counting can be useful for situations such

as: keeping track of the number of products on

the production line, ensuring certain standards in

delivery, monitoring traffic or social environments, etc.

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Obj Count
Grocery Store Worker_edited.jpg
Neurolabs innovative synthetic data approach to image recognition has been a huge time saver for us!

Johnnie Tirado
Senior Software Engineer

It became clear that moving away from traditional IR would put us far ahead of the curve in terms of value we could provide to CPGs.

Catalin Bratu

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