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A Leading FMAs Journey with Neurolabs ZIA

Staying ahead of the curve is paramount for industry leaders in the dynamic realm of retail execution (REX) and consumer packaged goods (CPGs).


In 2022, a leading field marketing agency (FMA) came to Neurolabs as they recognised a critical need for technological innovation to drive growth and operational efficiency. This agency worked with various CPG brands, primarily focusing on large household brands.


Our collaboration began a groundbreaking journey that redefined how this FMA approached image recognition (IR) technology. It set them apart as a formidable force in the industry and helped them substantially improve their clients' REX strategies by using high-quality synthetic data to drive insights. 


In this case study, we’ll explore the FMA's challenges and how we helped them give their clients the very best results.

The Challenge

The FMA boasted ambitious growth plans and a solid market presence, yet it faced a pressing challenge — scaling its existing IR technology across multiple CPG customers. Its internal solution, developed by a previous vendor, proved inadequate in meeting the scalability demands necessary to achieve its growth targets. 


In pursuit of a superior IR solution, the FMA turned to Neurolabs, seeking a transformative technology partner to propel its operations to new heights.

The Solution: Neurolabs ZIA

In response to the FMA's urgent requirements, Neurolabs introduced them to ZIA, a revolutionary image recognition solution powered by synthetic data-driven technology. 


Our flagship product, ZIA (Zero Image Annotation), takes a revolutionary approach to data annotation. Unlike traditional methods that rely on annotating real data, ZIA harnesses the power of synthetic data and 3D models. This unique approach not only expedites the solution's development but also ensures a level of robustness and reliability that surpasses that of real data annotation. 


As a result, ZIA consistently delivers an impressive product detection accuracy rate of 98.3%, a benchmark that our clients regularly achieve. What sets ZIA apart is its ability to maintain an average visual detection accuracy rate of +95% from the outset, with this figure often exceeding 98% for specific categories over time.


ZIA not only addressed the FMA's immediate pain points but also promised long-lasting benefits. Leveraging ZIA, the FMA rapidly expanded its Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) for one client from less than 100 to over 700 SKUs, a feat that previously seemed unattainable.

Neurolabs Synthetic Image Recognition Explained

"The adoption of Neurolabs' ZIA has transformed how we execute projects. What used to take us months can now be done in a matter of weeks. This increased efficiency has saved us time and allowed us to take on more projects." 

The Results: Driving Efficiency and Agility

Integrating ZIA's flexible architecture into their existing Sales Force Automation Software, the leading FMA gained a robust in-house solution tailored to their specific needs. The adaptability and modularity of ZIA's synthetic IR gave the FMA unprecedented control over its image recognition capabilities, empowering it to respond swiftly and confidently to market demands.


Adopting ZIA marked a significant turnaround for the agency, enabling it to execute projects at unparalleled speed and efficiency. Once measured in months, project timelines were condensed to mere weeks, empowering them to diversify their SKUs and fortify their competitive advantage. 


Furthermore, ZIA's integration enabled them to efficiently manage short-term campaigns, with the majority of SKU catalogues being prepared in less than two weeks.

ZIA in Action: Empowering Collaborations With Leading Household Brands

High level of real-world product detection accuracy using Synthetic Image Recognition
High level of real-world product detection accuracy using Synthetic Image Recognition

One notable success story stemming from the FMA’s partnership with Neurolabs is its collaboration with a leading household brand. 

ZIA's comprehensive scene understanding provided invaluable insights into various critical zones within the retail environment, including the header, pallet, shelf, and podium areas. 


By harnessing these insights, the brand was empowered to enhance compliance with its retail standards and drive greater efficiency in its retail execution efforts, ultimately strengthening its market position and enhancing the overall customer experience.

How Neurolabs Empowers Future Growth for CPG Brands

"Our collaboration with Neurolabs and the integration of synthetic data-driven image recognition technology have significantly boosted our capabilities, positioning us as a commanding presence in the industry.”

The partnership between the FMA and Neurolabs is founded on a shared commitment to driving success for CPG brands. As the agency continues to leverage ZIA's synthetic data-driven technology, they are poised for further growth and innovation. 


With enhanced capabilities for rapid scaling and responsiveness to customer demands, the FMA is now well-positioned to maintain its competitive edge and confidently pursue its business objectives.


To explore how our technology can empower your organisation to achieve similar results, schedule a demo today and unlock the boundless potential of synthetic data-driven solutions for your business.

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At Neurolabs, we are revolutionising in-store retail performance with our advanced image recognition technology, ZIA. Our cutting-edge technology enables retailers, field marketing agencies and CPG brands to optimise store execution, enhance the customer experience, and boost revenue as we build the most comprehensive 3D asset library for product recognition in the CPG industry.


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