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Visibility Matters: How ZIA's Synthetic Computer Vision Shapes Beer Category Strategy

In the beer and beverage industry, achieving heightened visibility is imperative for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands seeking a competitive edge. 

However, traditional image recognition (IR) methods often fall short in delivering proactive insights and are left grappling with real-world data challenges, leaving brands with insufficient information to form a proactive retail execution strategy. 

Enter ZIA (Zero Image Annotations) – a revolutionary technology powered by Synthetic Computer Vision, set to redefine beer category REX strategies. Leveraging In-Store Scene Understanding (ISSU), ZIA transforms how CPG brands optimise sales and product management by offering a comprehensive view of in-store dynamics, unveiling both brand and competitors' insights. 

Discover how our technology can elevate your brand in the rapidly expanding beer industry today!

Synthetic Computer Vision: The Future Of CPG Insights 

Navigating the intricacies of catalogue coverage, insight accuracy, and swift execution poses significant challenges for CPG companies. 

Traditionally, the challenge lies in broadening catalogue coverage, often compromising insights quality and execution speed. 

As new products, SKUs, POP materials, packaging changes, and seasonal promotions continually arise, maintaining up-to-date catalogues becomes a laborious and complex task. 

Additionally, traditional IR technologies struggle to efficiently extract the necessary insights for CPG brands in this changing landscape.

Neurolabs' ZIA (Zero Image Annotations) disrupts this dynamic by harnessing the power of synthetic data and advanced synthetic computer vision. 

By bypassing manual annotations and real-world data reliance, ZIA employs 3D digital twins (synthetic data) of CPG products in virtual scenes (synthetic computer vision). This approach is programmatically generated to ensure more precise and faster product detection and in-shelf insights, surpassing the capabilities of existing IR solutions.

Neurolabs Synthetic Data Approach to Image Recognition

The result is a harmonious solution that accelerates decision-making for CPGs, striking a balance between breadth, depth, and speed in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

A Proactive Technology: How ZIA Changes The Game 

ZIA (Zero Image Annotations) is Neurolabs’ solution for better catalogue management and stronger actionable insights. 

While most traditional image recognition solutions are reactive and can only work from real-world data, ZIA is proactive and uses a combination of synthetic data and computer vision to offer an intelligent way of gathering insights.

Here are some of the key ways in which ZIA changes the game when it comes to improving your retail execution: 

Easily Create Digital Twins

Our technology harnesses Synthetic Image Recognition to create digital twins that go beyond simple object recognition. 

These versatile replicas extend their utility from virtual environments to photorealistic 3D images tailored for e-commerce platforms. 

Visual representation of Heineken Can - Real Photo Vs Synthetic Image

Featuring fully rendered packaging, unique product IDs, and precise dimensions, our digital twin approach offers multifaceted insights across CPG operations.

Additionally, ZIA's standout 'Universal Artwork Approach' empowers users to effortlessly create these digital twins (3D models) from existing PDF and PNG artwork files, ensuring accurate and easy product onboarding. 

For products without artwork, the ZIA Capture app streamlines the process of obtaining it, swiftly capturing and creating models from items or SKUs with ease. Field agents or internal officers can use the app to quickly and accurately capture images of the product, creating a 3D model for your catalogue in minutes. 

Quick and Accurate Product Onboarding & Deployment 

Transforming the traditional timeline from weeks to mere hours, ZIA Capture, our user-friendly app, puts the control in your hands. Whether it's your field rep or a partner, anyone can effortlessly update the catalogue, reducing reliance on third parties and elevating accuracy.

To onboard one SKU, ZIA cuts down the time to less than 30 seconds. Assuming a product catalogue of 50-100 SKUs, you can onboard the catalogue in less than 2 hours and have the model ready for deployment in less than a day, achieving +96% accuracy from day one.

This accuracy continues to improve over time, with over 2 billion product images and 72 million shelf images training our algorithm. 

This increased ability to keep your catalogue up-to-date allows for richer insights while saving you time and effort, and the ability to deploy products at scale across multiple markets with ease. 

Enhancing Visibility with In-Store Scene Understanding (ISSU)

Research shows that 70% of shopping decisions are made in-store, indicating that most consumers are easily swayed by enticing displays and price points rather than consciously seeking out specific goods they've decided upon before heading out to the shops.

Staying vigilant and responsive in the dynamic beer category is vital to staying on top of competitors. New products, competitor campaigns, and shifting consumer sentiment demand constant awareness and immediate action. In this ever-changing landscape, in-store visibility is crucial. 

Embracing ZIA for enhanced shelf data collection ensures heightened visibility and maximises sales potential.

Using ISSU, ZIA not only offers you a comprehensive view into your own catalogue, improving shelf compliance, ensuring product availability, and helping you to optimise promotional displays; but it also allows you to explore how your competitors are doing this. It does this by not only looking at shelf-level insights but also by taking in the whole scene that surrounds your products, including any promotional materials and those of your competitors.

With the ability to understand competitors' product strategy and execution, you are able to create a strategy that will help your brand stay ahead of the game when it comes to understanding what works for the consumer.

Simple Integrations, Big Impacts

ZIA is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution, whether a third-party tool or an internal system. This flexibility extends to accommodating various SFA solutions, ensuring compatibility across diverse regions or locations.

As a future-thinking company, Neurolabs ensures ZIA's adaptability to evolving industry needs. ZIA becomes the cornerstone for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the competition, offering not just a solution but a catalyst for innovation and success in the dynamic world of Beer Category Management. 

Improve Visibility with Synthetic Computer Vision Today

Unlock unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and ease with ZIA – a groundbreaking image recognition solution. 

Surpassing competitors, ZIA redefines catalogue management, retail execution, and shelf auditing for the beer & beverages categories. Dive deeper into its capabilities with our dedicated ebook

eBook: Transforming REX with ISSU and Gen AI

For a firsthand experience, request a demo and witness the transformative power of ZIA for your CPG brand.


At Neurolabs, we are revolutionising in-store retail performance with our advanced image recognition technology, ZIA. Our cutting-edge technology enables retailers, field marketing agencies and CPG brands to optimise store execution, enhance the customer experience, and boost revenue as we build the most comprehensive 3D asset library for product recognition in the CPG industry.


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