The future of Computer Vision is Synthetic

Pixel-Perfect, Virtual Datasets

Synthetic Data combines advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) models to create large sets of perfectly labelled data that are optimised for Computer Vision models by design.

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Labelled Data

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for ML

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Large Datasets Available

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“Lack and quality of real data are truly painful problems in the Computer Vision industry. Synthetic Data, as an emerging field, has the potential to fix that in an unprecedented way.”



Lead AI Engineer at Hudl

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Synthetic Computer Vision

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Pixel perfect labels, even for difficult to monitor areas.

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Highly diverse data that is purpose built to train modern Neural Network models.

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Millions of images specifically generated for your use case in hours at low cost.

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100% compliant with GDPR and HIPAA privacy laws as our Synthetic Data is computer generated.

3D Modelling

Digitising SKUs

3D assets are virtual replicas of real objects.

A single 3D asset is worth a million real images.

Neurolabs' platform gives you access to 100K+ of the most popular SKUs and deploys a streamlined method for adding additional ones that are not currently in our database.

Starting from as few as 6 images, Neurolabs can recreate digital twins of any SKU.

Synthetic Data Generation
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Generating Optimal Virtual Data 

Automated feedback loops between synthetic data generation and the synthetic computer vision model result in optimum performance. 

Neurolabs generates optimal synthetic data that maximises the downstream model performance on real data.

We employ a range of cutting-edge techniques ranging from smart domain randomisation to physical simulations of object interactions and automatic virtual scene generation.

AI Model Training

Model Performance

Whether used on their own or in combination with real data, Synthetic Datasets can kick-start your SKU detection algorithms and give you the critical extra performance boost that you need for your real-world deployments. 


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