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Unlock the power
of Synthetic Image Recognition for your clients 

At Neurolabs, we believe in leveraging the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to unlock greater opportunities, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional results for our customers. Our strong network of partners and experts in the retail industry share our passion for revolutionising retail execution through our Zero Image Annotations technology, ZIA.

Superior Retail Execution with Synthetic Image Recognition

The market's most powerful image recognition technology, that's precisely that – pure technology. No need for extra apps or tedious onboarding, seamlessly integrate it with your existing solution and experience unbeatable results from the get-go.

Neurolabs Technology and Data Image showing Image Recognition

Trusted by global brands to improve their retail execution

Welcome to the new era of Image Recognition

Doritos Chips Synthetically Generated Image
Peace Tea Synthetically Generated Image

Our groundbreaking image recognition technology, ZIA (Zero Image Annotations), offers unparalleled accuracy, speed, scalability, and affordability so you can achieve the best-in-class retail execution.


Say goodbye to outdated methods as we eliminate the complexities of traditional image recognition by using digital twins of items and training our algorithms in virtual environments using AI.


Synthetically generated 3D models of real-world items.

Add items to your catalogue in minutes

For too long, the process of onboarding SKUs and POP signage has been a laborious, time-consuming, and costly ordeal. But we're changing the game.

ZIA Capture, our onboarding app that makes adding items to your catalogue simple.

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Neuro Lines Image
Neurolabs ZIA Platform Image
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Easy Photogrammetry
Follow simple steps and ZIA Capture will handle the rest.

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Barcode Automation
EAN/UPC input is automatic.

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Swift Onboarding
Items onboarded in hours, not weeks.

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Empower Field Agents
Simplifies field reps daily work for efficiency and profitability.

Neurolabs ChatCPG Example Chat on device

AI powered Retail Execution assistant

Unlock valuable insights from your data with ChatCPG. Gone are the days of spending hours poring over complex dashboards and raw data. Simply ask your question in natural language, and get quick, reliable answers to help you make smarter decisions.

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From in-store to backroom & beyond

Move beyond SKU detection to enhance efficiency and performance across all your REX operations. From meticulous shelf monitoring and auditing to streamlined backroom inventory management, and precise planogram and trade promotion compliance, the applications and benefits are endless.


Faster time to market


Faster in-store auditing visits

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Quick &

Capture shelf insights in seconds and scale your catalogue to thousands of items across multiple retail locations quickly and effortlessly.

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Accuracy that
doesn't degrade

Using 3D digital twins and virtual environments generates superior data diversity and volume, ensuring accuracy never diminishes.

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Super fast

Onboarding items is lightening-fast. From SKUs to POP signage, you can add items to your catalogue in minutes.

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Time & cost

Our technology eliminates the need for manual data input, saving you time and money while boosting efficiency.

How it works

As easy as 1, 2 ,3

Neurolabs Platform showing the catalogue
A number 1

Define catalogue

Access our platform and its extensive selection of more than 100,000 items from renowned brands like P&G, Nestlé, Unilever and Coca-Cola. Easily create custom categories and select or add items.

Neurolabs ZIA Capture on device
Number 2

Add catalogue items

Upload the artwork (SKU label or POP Signage pdf) or use our ZIA Capture app, follow some simple steps and the item will be added in minutes.

Behind the scenes

3D digital twin of coke bottle

3D digital twin

A 3D model of the item is generated.

Virtual 3D environment of beverage products

Virtual environments

The digital twin is placed in virtual scenes.

Real world photo of fridge showing beverages being detected in real time

Real world accuracy

Above 95% detection in real environments.

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Capture shelf images

Field reps can capture entire shelf images using their existing SFA tool and our technology will automatically stitch the images into a single scene, extracting shelf insights in seconds.

Video showing video stitching of grocery shelf
Sagra Maxigra product detection with image recognition

Sagra achieves
superior SKU detection accuracy in just 7 days

Leveraging ZIA's advanced image recognition, Sagra Technology was able to achieve an exceptional 98.3% product detection accuracy in just 7 days - from onboarding to project delivery.


News & insights

Get the inside scoop on the latest image recognition and retail execution trends. 


We would recommend Neurolabs to any business that's serious about their image recognition and shelf auditing!
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Revolutionise your retail execution today!

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