You’ll be working side-by-side with our product team. We want you because of your drive, passion and reasoning, and we expect you to lead our marketing effort. You must be confident in engaging with our customers, go the extra mile in understanding the market and ready to help with product discovery. This is a senior position, as we will rely on you to make our products visible to the world and get people excited about using them. We will be welcoming you in our office in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, we're also open to remote work providing that we are able to meet in person on a regular basis.


We empower our employees to solve hard problems – customer problems and business problems – in ways that our customers love, yet work for our business.

We are looking to welcome onboard a creative person with a good understanding of the tech market and a genuine passion for it.

The truth is, there's no set playbook – you'll need to figure out how to do things that you've never done before. We need someone proactive, who will first define the problem, before solving it. Someone who is constantly learning, comfortable failing, and then reflecting to learn from those missteps.


As an early-stage startup, one of our core activities presently is product discovery. Your contribution plays an essential role in product discovery and go-to-market. You'll be working alongside our co-founders in shaping the product and making progress towards product/market fit.

You'll often find yourself gathering great customer intelligence and applying it towards building our product. However, we first and foremost rely on you to deeply understand the market and to be successful in helping our product penetrate that market.

The way we see product marketing is all about strategy, delivering what our startup needs to connect our market with our product.

We'll provide the strategic framework that product marketing needs to exist within so that you know the ‘why’ behind every single marketing activity. Then, we'll rely on you to drive how we position, message and choose our tactics to go-to-market.


We see your role boiling down to the following three essential things:

  1. A deep understanding and knowledge of the customer and the market context;

  2. Establishing the product marketing strategy, what it needs to do to achieve the company goals; and

  3. Developing a winning go-to-market plan: channels and capabilities required to get our product into the hands of our customers.


We will entrust you with all market communications of the company. We expect you to work with our technical team to take raw input and transform it into a marketable form that speaks our customers' language. We see you taking ownership over two key specific roles: content generation (for website, documentation, webinars, blog posts, case studies, etc.) and digital marketing (manage our digital presence).


Some other activities you might find yourself spending time with: interviewing customers to discover their motivations, refining and testing a winning marketing proposition, creating irresistible lead magnets and landing pages, brainstorming and testing bespoke channels, drawing surprising insights from data to make great decisions.


  • Competitive startup salary, equity and rosy expectations ahead.

  • Flexible working hours and remote work when desired.

  • Unlimited holiday policy (minimum of 21 days per year).

  • Great office space at Bayes Center in Edinburgh

  • Bi-annual company retreat (Covid permitting)

  • Hands-on project that will make an impact.


*Attach your CV and any supporting information for the things that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done.