Give your Automation

20/20 vision

Synthetic Data takes Computer Vision
to new heights.


No programming skills required.

Easy to use, click & select workflow. No Computer Vision expertise needed. Simply select your business constraints and we take care of the rest.


From prototyping to development in hours.

Zero real data. No time-consuming and costly data collection and annotation needed. Build object detectors incredibly fast. These detectors can be built and deployed in a matter of hours, and iterated even faster.


Design your solution with flexibility and ease.

Build a model that matches what you actually want to automate. Create your own solutions to your own problems with your own requirements.


Proven scalability for our technology.

Move from simple to more complex use cases without sacrificing quality. Keep the same level of accuracy and service responsiveness as you tackle ever more challenging use cases. Our technology is proven to scale in a cost effective way. 



From zero to hero with ease.

Find everything you need to bring your Computer Vision automation ideas to life. Even the much sought-after training data! Find and control everything from data generation to model development and deployment in one place. We take care of every step of your journey.

“We met with Neurolabs in 2019, and since then things have progressed very rapidly. Using existing hardware components and Neurolabs technology, we pieced together a solution for unattended check-out in cafés/bakeries and canteens offering tray servings. Neurolabs outperformed everything we have previously seen in recognising objects on the tray.”


Head of iRetail - Europe,


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