At Neurolabs, we want to help bridge the gap between academia and real world applications. We are engineers and scientists, building a platform for computer vision powered by synthetic data, helping with the automation of repetitive and non-value adding tasks, and in the process democratising access to computer vision solutions. We split our time between Edinburgh and Cluj, Romania, and the ideal candidate will relocate to Edinburgh, but we welcome UK/Europe-based remote work and flexibility.


Our core value proposition is using synthetic data as a replacement for real data in developing Computer Vision models. Therefore, one of our core activities is generating synthetic data in virtual environments and making sure that it can be used to train deep learning computer vision models that generalise well to out-of-distribution target data from the real world. You will dedicate your time on untangling the numerous practical and research heavy challenges associated with building transfer learning approaches to solving this problem. You will help us understand what data works best for what use case. Finally, you will not work alone and together with our computer graphics and AI engineers you will help deliver all of this into an automatic synthetic data generation pipeline that powers our platform.

You will be part of a fast-growing startup, who values your input and experience, and you will contribute to our core IP, from ideation to production. As we grow, you will have the ability to grow and take on new challenges. You are a team player and understand that problem solving is a joint effort and will help others learn and develop. You are passionate about machine learning and care about making an impact through your work. It's a big plus if you're passionate about computer vision.


  • Assess and understand the current research for synthetic data generation in computer vision.

  • Design, implement and prototype synthetic data generation techniques and test deep learning object recognition models on generated data.

  • Collaborate with team members and lead the research efforts towards advancing Neurolabs' synthetic data capabilities.


  • MSc or PhD in Computer Science/Physics/Maths or related quantitative subject

  • Highly desirable to have 2+ years experience shipping software solutions, from ideation and researching to design, prototype and production.

  • Strong grasp of the fundamental mathematical concepts in Machine Learning and preferably Reinforcement Learning

  • Good written and excellent spoken communication skills as well as attention to detail

  • Organised and self-sufficient with an ability to prototype fast

  • Proficient with more than one programming language and machine learning frameworks (PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, etc.)


  • Competitive startup salary, equity and rosy expectations ahead.

  • Flexible working hours and remote work when desired.

  • Unlimited holiday policy (minimum of 21 days per year).

  • Great office space at Bayes Center in Edinburgh.

  • Bi-annual company retreat (Covid permitting)


                            INTERESTED? GET IN TOUCH JOBS@NEUROLABS.EU*


*Attach your CV and any supporting information for the things that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done.