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Image by Shubham Dhage

3D Technical Artist -Fulltime/Contract

📍 Remote(UK) or Edinburgh

🕐 Fulltime 


At Neurolabs, we want to help bridge the gap between academia and real world applications. We are engineers and scientists, building a platform for computer vision powered by synthetic data, helping with the automation of repetitive and non-value adding tasks, and in the process democratising access to computer vision solutions. We are a remote first company, with the team spread throughout Europe & UK.

About the role

Our core value proposition is using synthetic data as a replacement for real data in developing Computer Vision models. Therefore, one of our core activities is generating synthetic data in virtual environments and making sure that it can be used to train deep learning computer vision models. It all starts with delivering backbone 3D scenes of the highest quality, something you have repeatedly strived for in your career. You have a background in visual arts, a technical subject or relevant experience working with various rendering engines.

The main component of your work will be to build modular & photorealistic 3D scenes using the modelling software tool of your choice, i.e. Houdini, Blender. Where necessary, you will make use of Substance Designer for re-creating accurate material properties, whether for 3D scenes or 3D assets. Although the main focus will go into 3D scenes, experience with 3D image reconstruction techniques such as photogrammetry is highly desirable. The 3D scenes and 3D asset creation is the first step towards creating a dynamic and useful environment for our synthetic data pipeline. You will work closely with our engineers to parametrise any variations of the 3D real world environments you create. In that context, knowledge of the Unity or Blender API interfaces and knowledge of the software development lifecycle is desirable.

Finally, it's appreciated if you share an interest and are excited for the potential of Synthetic data in Computer Vision.


  • Competitive startup salary, equity and rosy expectations ahead.

  • Flexible working hours and 100% remote team, offices in Cluj and Edinburgh.

  • You are entitled to 30 days paid holiday during each holiday year (or the pro rata equivalent if you work part time), which includes public holidays in your residence country.

  • Monthly stipend for office space.

  • Bi-annual company retreat and bi-annual team meetings (workations)

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